Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel operated Air (Airtronic) and Coolant (Hydronic) heater products available in today's marketplace. Offering close attention to detail and technical design, Espar leads the industry in Excellence in Supporting Product Applications and Reliability. Arctic Traveler Canada (ATC) is proud to be an Eberspacher Master Stocking Distributor (MSD) and offers the complete range of Espar products to the truck, bus, marine, automotive/pick-ups, off-highway, forestry, mining and military markets.

Espar Air or Airtronic Heaters can be mounted in the vehicle cab or in a separate compartment with ducting to route the warm air into the passenger compartment.

Espar Coolant or Hydronic Heaters can pre-heat the engine coolant and with modifications warm the passenger compartment through the existing vehicle heating system.

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